Thank you Megan for proofreading my book. I thought I had already done a good job of fixing errors. But I was wrong. Your forensic skills at finding inconsistencies, omissions and misspellings were amazing. Also your thoughtful suggestions on sentence structure improved the readability of the book immeasurably and made me look like a better writer than I actually am. Thank you so very much.

Andrew Patrick
‘Birds of Sydney’

Initially engaged as Studio Manager for our publishing company, Megan’s proofreading, sub-editing and editing skills led to an expansion of her role with us. These skills, combined with her writing capabilities, proved a great asset to our company in terms of the professional publishing service that we offered.

During her time with us, Megan was responsible for proofreading and editing newsletters, flyers, advertisements, press releases and electronic presentations for a range of clients. We were very impressed with the level of skill, accuracy and attention to detail that she displayed.

Her command and knowledge of the English language was amongst the highest that we have experienced and her calm and friendly manner made her a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Megan to anyone looking for a proofreading and editing service.

Hetty Blythe
Peridot Communications


Megan has provided a very professional proofreading service to apicsAU. She is extremely thorough and her service has allowed us to produce more consistent and user-friendly courseware for our students. Megan understood our requirements quickly and has been fantastic at delivering quality work, on time and within an agreed budget. It’s a pleasure to work with her.

Linda Henry
Operations Manager

Megan’s professional and kind approach throughout the whole process of working on my doctoral thesis was always focused on delivering polished and stylistically brilliant writing.

Her ability to guide the accuracy of language and at the same time to preserve and improve my own personal style of writing was really appreciated. The stylistic and grammatical consistency within the large-sized document was sustained even with regard to the terms particular to the research area, despite Megan’s lack of previous familiarity with it.

Her personal involvement in the work was always encouraging and certainly helped me to see my doctoral project being finalized.

I would like to recommend Megan to anyone who requires the highest standards in proofreading services.

Wojciech Wisniewski
The Australian Institute of Music

Despite reading through formal documents several times, I found that I was still missing things, such as punctuation errors and inconsistencies in capitalisation.  Megan has an amazing eye for detail and the knowledge and experience to make recommendations which enhance the quality of any work.    I would not hesitate to ask Megan to proof any of my future documents to prevent those unnecessary and annoying errors which can detract from the impact of the work.  I  would suggest to anyone required to produce formal writing, be it an essay, thesis, dissertation or novel, that they take some of the stress out of the process by using Megan’s services.

Sharon Finn