Terms and Conditions

‘Proof-it’ proofreading service offers you 100% satisfaction and looks forward to helping you with your writing endeavours. I will take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and high quality of my work within reason.



‘Proof-it’ proofreading service promises to collect personally identifiable information only for the purposes of completing your order and collecting the fee. Rest assured that your information and documentation will not be shared with any other party unless legally required.



‘Proof-it’ proofreading service values the work and rights of others.  Please be mindful of your obligation to avoid any infringement of copyright, intellectual property or any other right of any person or entity when drafting your material.



While ‘Proof-it’ proofreading service will suggest appropriate corrections and changes to make your work really shine, it respects your sole right to accept or reject any or all of these changes. Similarly, while I will highlight any inaccuracies or misinformation if I detect them in your work, please remember that you control the final content and use of your work.


‘Proof-it’ proofreading service promises to meet all agreed deadlines and negotiated terms but cannot accept liability for circumstances beyond its control (such as power cuts, black-outs, bugs or file corruption) which may prevent the completion of the job entirely or on time.


I wish you every success in your endeavours! However, please note that I exercise no control over final results and cannot accept liability for failed academic assignments, unsuccessful business submissions, material declined for publication, or for any losses, expenses, or damages.